Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses is one of Babesta’s favorite brands, chosen for its creativity, fun and commitment to sustainability.

Bobo Choses is an eco-friendly clothing brand that started in 2008. Since then, the team has created season after season of inspired, gender neutral separates. The designs are imaginative and the fabrics are sturdy (passing the play-test) as well as organic when possible. Rompers, t-shirts, onesies, dresses and denim are prevalent in this notably colorful children’s collection. Designs always have a retro vibe, taking you back to your own childhood.


Work and play unite at Bobo Choses. The designers work in an old toy factory two blocks from the Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona, Spain (how fun is that?). The Bobo Choses team also sources locally, learning from local manufacturers’ know-how to achieve sustainable production of the collections. They see minimizing global impact as a commitment to the children.


Why We Carry Bobo Choses:

Babies born in bustling New York City want to stand out at the playground. Bobo Choses allows them to do it in style. The vibrant color palettes, retro designs and eco-friendliness of this ‘best of children’s brand’ make parents feel great about the purchase (and us feel great about carrying them!). At Babesta we try to choose brands that stand for things that we believe in: It’s not only Bobo Choses’ high quality sustainable production but it’s also their dedication to fueling children’s imagination and inspiring them to get out and play.

Eco-friendly / Sustainable / Bright and fun / Cool retro vibe / Heirloom quality

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